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I enjoy Edinburgh pubs and wearing shoes
I enjoy Edinburgh pubs and wearing shoes

The Bar Fly came about in 2013 as these are exciting times for Edinburgh drinkers. With several new pubs opening or undergoing extensive re-fits, added to the many well-loved and well-known hostelries that already exist in Scotland’s capital, there is now an excellent choice for the city’s pub-goers.

I’m a keen pub goer and real ale fan. I’m not particularly knowledgeable about real ale but know when I like something and when I don’t. For me, going to the pub is about going to the pub. These are havens to meet and converse, to socialise and enjoy life.

I’ll be using The Bar Fly to chart the changing scene in Edinburgh, bringing you news and reviews, comment and opinion. I’ll also blog about pubs I stumble upon on my travels as well. I’m not out to rate pubs on a scale of one to 10 or find the best pub in Edinburgh but I hope you’ll find the information on here useful and entertaining.

Please get in touch via email (cheers at thebarfly.co.uk) or on Twitter (@thebarfly).


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4 thoughts on “About The Bar Fly

  1. You are spot on re the Guildford Arms. I’m a frequent visitor to Edinburgh, though I live in Newcastle. Whether up for the day with my wife or friends, or a on a more serious drinking weekend, I will always have a beer or three in the Guildford. It’s the sort of pub we just don’t have in Newcastle (as they’re all “circuit pubs” that make their money in 3 hour spells on Saturday or Friday night). What amazed me about places like the Guildfor or the Abbotsford (another favourite) is the mix of people – regulars, tourists, after works, shoppers, stags/hens – which makes these Edinburgh bars quite unique. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Andy. Really interesting point. I think Edinburgh has a fantastic range of pubs and bars. There’s no doubt we have the circuit pubs as well but there is a great selection of decent, well-run pubs that are great at Tuesday lunchtimes not just Friday nights.

  3. Great blog! I just discovered it today and really enjoyed reading through your reviews. Happy to say I pretty much agreed with all of it. Malt and Hops, the Guildford, John Leslie, Bennets, all in my top handful of pubs. I do have a challenge for you, though: I’ve always loved the Wally Dug but I don’t think I’ve ever convinced any of my friends of its charm. I think an objective view is required …

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